Akagi Shokunin Jyo-Shu Akagi Udon

Supple, hand-crafted local udon noodles.

Kneaded continuously to release the dense quality and nutrition of Gunma's locally-produced wheat flour, these udon noodles are starchy and fluffy with a satisfying chew. Made 100% from regional ingredients and the fresh spring water that flows through the area, these udon form thick strands that soften and swell, providing an absorbent, robust base to soak up Japanese broths and dipping sauces. Bundled into 3 neat portions for easy boiling, enjoy a toasty curry udon stew or even a chilled tomato udon soup with these nourishing regional noodles. 

How does my Akagi Shokunin Jyo-Shu Akagi Udon come:

  • In a pkt consist of 270g

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