Canada Scallop Meat

Canada Scallop Meat

These Canadian Scallops are very sweet, tasty and meaty at a very good size. These are wild caught with no additives. 

The scallops are 'shucked' to remove the edible part of the scallop, the adductor muscle; this is the cylindrical white meat that holds the two shells together. Clean, sweet sea taste, firm texture and creamy white appearance. Indeed, Canada is known for its top quality produce of seafood. 

Typical Cooking Methods

Lightly pan-fry to preserve and enhance the natural flavor and succulence of these scallops. Light on seasoning. Salt and pepper and olive oil or a light creamy sauce. Also Ideal for grilling, Chinese stir-fry dishes or in a chowder! For best result, slightly undercook just before serving. DO NOT OVERCOOK.


How does my Canada Scallop Meat come:

  • In a pkt consist of 250g+-
  • Vacuum packed




RM29.00 per pkt



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