Fresh Air flown Atlantic Salmon 空运挪威三文鱼

Salmon is nutritionally an excellent product. Salmon have a natural high content of protein and contains a lot of the healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids. Therefore also high in Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) and rich in the fat soluble Vitamin D. Salmon is also a good source of the minerals iodine and selenium.

In terms of colour, the Salmon trout is a more florid red-orange than paler-skinned salmon. Because colour is a big draw for Malaysians, many consumers actually prefer trout over Fresh Atlantic salmon.

“Malaysian consumers associate the colour of the fish with quality. Fish that is more red is perceived to be better quality than fish that is less red. But that doesn’t mean the quality is different – it’s just two different types of salmon,”

The Salmon trout head and Atlantic salmon head also offer distinguishing features – salmon trout head is rounder while atlantic salmon head is sharper.

Salmon Trout also has a fatter belly.

In terms of taste, atlantic salmon has that characteristic velvety smoothness while salmon trout has a firmer, more voluptuous bite to it.   


How does my Fresh Air Flown Atlantic Salmon come:

  • Head on, scaled & gutted
  • Vacuum packed
  • Cut : You may choose Steak cut or Fillet cut
  • price is based on per kg 


Note :

  • Price updated weekly
  • Air flown from Norway

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