Atlantic cod fillet

Atlantic cod fillet

The Atlantic cod  is one of the most well-known fish around the world and is appreciated for its great flavour, firm meat and intense umami flavour. The meat from the Atlantic cod around Greenland has time to fully develop the intense and slightly sweet flavour, because the cold and clean surroundings make the cod grow more slowly than elsewhere.

The Atlantic cod has an almost ideal distribution of fat, proteins and calories, is high in selenium, vitamin B12 and B6, and has a touch of omega-3 fatty acids.

The Atlantic cod develops a rich and complex flavour due to the slow growth in the cold surroundings. This gives a firm texture to the meat and a beautiful white appearance both cooked and raw. The meat separates into large, juicy flakes and has a slightly sweet taste. The mild flavour makes cod ideal for creamy sauces or as a good opponent in more spicy dishes


How does my Atlantic cod fillet come:

  • Skin on
  • 1 pkt (600g++) consist of 2 to 4pcs
  • Fillet skin scaled off
  • Vacuum packed
  • Price is based on per pkt



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